The Ethics of Prayer in Politics – What is Prayer?

The Ethics of Prayer in Politics: When Personal Agendas Trump God’s Will


In this episode, we examine the controversy surrounding the abuse of prayer in politics. While an open prayer for God should be void of human agenda and personal preferences, some religious leaders have used prayer as a tool to advance their own political interests, sometimes at the expense of the church and society. Have these leaders become too involved in politics? Is this diluting the message of the Gospel?


Through thought-provoking discussion and analysis, Dr. Marc Rivera reflects on the need for American evangelicalism to uphold the integrity of the Gospel and to resist the lure of any politics that can weaken its message. We’ll discuss the importance of the church as an agency of change, rather than an influencer of biased depravity, and the need for religious leaders to focus on the sacred preaching desk rather than the podiums of public discourse.


Join us for an engaging conversation about the ethics of prayer in politics as Dr. Marc helps us navigate this complex issue and offers insight into how religious leaders can stay true to their spiritual calling while also engaging with the public sphere.


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