Women in Church Leadership

In this episode, we will explore the ongoing debate surrounding women in church leadership. For centuries, women have played vital roles in the church, yet have been largely excluded from formal leadership positions. Despite this, many women have emerged as prominent figures in their communities and have become strong advocates for change.


We’re joined by Dr. Marc Rivera, who will provide insights into the reasons behind this exclusion and the effects it has had on the church and society at large. Throughout the episode, we’ll examine the various arguments for and against women in church leadership, including biblical interpretations, cultural norms, and institutional barriers. We’ll explore the historical context of this debate, as well as the contemporary challenges and opportunities for women in leadership.


Recently, this debate was brought to the surface as The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) removed its largest congregation, Saddleback Church of Lake Forest, California, for appointing a woman as a teaching pastor. This milestone moment for Saddleback Church has inspired a re-examination of traditional gender roles and highlights a more inclusive approach that recognizes the gifts and talents of all members of the church, regardless of gender.


Join us for this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation about women in church leadership with Dr. Marc Rivera on the Seek & Find podcast.



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